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A Zinia Home Inspection is a comprehensive but non-invasive visual home inspection covering all aspects of the home envelope and property. An inspection can take between two to three hours depending on the condition and complexity of the property.


We offer a comprehensive & detailed report with relevant images detailing the current condition of the following areas:

The structural integrity and condition of boundary walls, fencing and gates;

The effectiveness of the grading & landscaping of the property;

The structural integrity of all external walls, windows, doors and visible foundations;

The effectiveness and condition of the roof covering, gutters and down-pipes;

The structural integrity & condition of all internal cabinets, floors, doors, walls, windows and ceilings;

The structural integrity & condition of the roof trusses, dust liners and thermal insulation in the roof void;

The effectiveness of all plumbing and adherence to safety regulations of all geyser installations;

The presence of any visible moisture damage, rising damp or wood-decay;

The presence of any visible signs of rodent activity or insect infestation; 

The compliance with safety regulations on the electrical distribution board including polarity, earth leakage, circuit breakers & reporting on damaged fixtures and fittings;

The condition of all entertainment areas; and

Compliance with approved building plans if plans are made available.