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Beware not to be caught-up in the emotional process of buying a home. In our enthusiasm, lack of knowledge or misplaced trust, buyers often and unexpectedly find themselves spending more and more money on unjustified and costly post-purchase repairs or drawn-out litigation.


A Zinia Home Inspection can help buyers reduce the risks associated with investing in a home by avoiding nasty and expensive post transfer surprises. A home might look perfect on the surface but may conceal a lot of problems. A Zinia Home Inspection could save you money in the long term.


Based in Gauteng, our comprehensive, detailed and easy-to-understand home inspection report will provide you with the necessary information on the condition of the home, and enable you to make an informed, fair and transparent  buying decision. 


18% of home sales in South Africa end up in a dispute, dont become just another statistic. Enquire now for your free, no-obligation home inspection quote and have the home inspected before you buy.