Buying a new home is an emotional experience, and in our enthusiasm, lack of knowledge or misplaced trust, we find clients unexpectedly spending more and more money on unjustified costly repairs or wasting time and energy on drawn-out litigation.


A Zinia Home Inspection can help buyers reduce the risks associated with investing in a home by identifying hidden problems, and ensuring the client avoids nasty and expensive surprises. A home might look perfect on the surface but may conceal a lot of problems.


Based in Gauteng, a Zinia Home Inspection is a simple three step proces;


Step 1: Request your no-obligation quote 


Step 2: Receive your detailed but easy to understand report with images within 24 hours


Step 3: Make an informed and confident investment decision 


Voetstoots is not a clause you should be comfortable with. 


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Zinia Home Inspectors is a Gauteng based Independent Home Inspector and an accredited member of interNACHi (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors) and a member of NABISA (National Association of Building Inspectors South Africa). 


A Zinia Home Inspection is a comprehensive and detailed visual examination of the property and is

specifically designed to provide clients with an objective and unbiased opinion on the current

condition and patent defects that exist on the prescribed property.


The inspection encompasses all the components associated with a residential property & home envelope, including, but not limited to, the following:


1. Property perimeter

2. Landscaping & grading of the property

3. Garages, carports and immovable outbuildings

4. The roof covering and its various components

5. Foundations, external walls and windows

6. Patio, Lapa, Balconies and Pool installations

7. Internal floors, walls, ceilings, windows and staircases

8. Roof voids and roof internal structure

9. Electrical systems and fittings

10. Plumbing, geysers and bathroom installations

11. Gas installations

12. Cabinetry and built-in cupboards


What do we look for:


1. Structural integrity

2. Efficacy of property drainage and roof systems

3. Physical damage

4. Environmental damage such as rust and root upheaval

5. Moisture damage, rising damp and mould

6. Adherence to building safety regulations

7. Rodent or wood destroying insect infestation

8. Plumbing leaks

9. Preventative maintenance concerns

10. Adherence to authorised municipal building plans (if provided)


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If you are renting a property, either as a tenant or as a landlord, you should understand that incoming and outgoing inspections are required by law under the Rental Housing Act.


Rental property inspections are an important part of renting a home, and the best way to protect both the tenant as well as the landlord. Inspections are not about identifying damages and defects only, they are a vital element in building healthy relationships and trust between tenants, agents and landlords.


A Zinia Rental Inspection is aimed at ensuring that the relationship between the tenant and landlord is established on a sound foundation and that all parties are in agreement of what damage or patent defects exist at the time of occupation, and in so doing, avoid future disagreement or lenghthy drawn out and costly legal challenges.


Zinia Home Inspectors, using the latest software applications, are trained to identify and accurately record pre-exisiting defects and maintenance issues. 


Rental Inspections must be carried out with the tenant, the landlord and/or agent present in order to ensure there is a clear and un-ambigues mutual understanding of all pre-existing conditions.


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The majority of home inspection companies utilise either a checkbox report or a narrative report. Although there is no right or wrong, both of these types of reports have their Pros & Cons.


  • A checkbox report gives the buyer peace of mind, in that they can physically see that all components of a home have been checked. However, these reports contain very little or no narrative which may at times lead to confusion as to the extent of the damage or what the recommendation or next steps should be. 


  • A purely narrative report gives the buyer a more in-depth understanding of only the material defects that have been identified and recommends actions to be taken. The downside is that the buyer does not have the peace of mind that every component of the home has been checked as per a check box report.


A Zinia Home Inspectors Report adopts a combined approach. The aim is to provide a report that is both comprehensive and easy to understand, as well as detailed enough to leave no room for ambiguity. In short, our reports contain the best of both, the peace of mind provided by checkboxes, as well as comprehensive narrative with recommendations supported by relevant images.


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